CNC Turning is a centuries old machining process where a stationary, non-rotary, tool bit cuts a path into a piece of material by being moved linearlly by the operator while the material is rotated, or turned. This process has been improved exponentially by the aid of computers. Another aspect of Turning is called Boring. Boring is essentially the same process except the tool bit hollows out the material from the inside instead of the outside. Turning is a very widely used machining process and is used to create the majority of parts need by maufacturing and industrial sectors. 


The process of Turning is an age-old technique and has proven itself over time to be the best way to create radial grooving in material in order to create a wide variety of parts and components necessary to assemble various machinery. With CNC additions to this process you can guarantee that your component will be produced exactly to your standards every time.  Our staff here at Stellar Machine and Tool are well versed in this process and masters of the craft.


Just like with other processes, the CNC Turning machine allows us the flexibility to use a wide variety of material to create the components or parts that you may need. We can machine most types of material in our machines including steel, aluminum, copper, hard platics, and so much more.


Having highly trained technicians with state-of-the-art CNC machines allows us, here at Stellar Machine and Tool, to be able to create highly customized parts and/or components for just about any type of application out of any type of material. We have create a wide array of component configurations and can help you get exactly what you need to do exactly what you need to do.


We will sit down with you and give you an honest assessment on how we can help you, how long it will take, and what it will cost. We will work diligently to get you project finished as fast as possible in the most time and cost efficient manner. We strongly believe in offering stellar service along with stellar machined parts or components.


Stellar Machine and Tool was started in 1989 with a strong emphasis on quick responses, timely quotes, personal assistance in design, thorough troubleshooting, and quality prototyping. We understand that there are a lot of machine shops out there for you to choose from this is why we strive to provide an honest and professional working relationship with all of our clients where we treat them with the respect that is deserved. We have over 86 years of combined experience in the metalworking industry. We are known for close tolerances, precision parts with quick turnarounds, being dependable, and helping customers get back running in emergency breakdown situations. We will promise to always provide you with the best service possible.